Monday, November 7, 2011

Family Vacation 2011

So the family went on vacation this year. It was actually our first real family vacation. What a way to start a tradition. We went to the Beaches Resort on the Turks and Caicos Islands. Now, one might say, clearly this family is part of the 1% that all those people talk about on the news. I say to you, "Nay Nay!!!" This vacation was sponsored by Diet Coke, McDonalds Monopoly, and Adam's sore throat last October. The all expense paid vacation was part of the Monopoly game chad winnings. People actually win those things. Who knew?
There was plenty of sun, surf, and sand. There were also plenty of pools, swim up bars, girly drinks, food, and fun. I think that the family enjoyed all of the above.

N... getting chucked and making the best of the situation.
E... getting ready for some snorkeling action.

Boys having their first salt water mouth! I need a drink looking at them.

Dad and C... relaxing and riding the pool floaty bed thingy. Not meant for two.

Did I mention swim up bars for all ages with girly fruit drinks. Nate was in girly fruit drink heaven. He has developed a taste for virgin Pina Coladas and strawberry banana smoothies.

C... was very bold on the slides. She rode all the slides that she could.

We loved the pools. A rare moment of pool unity. Normally there was some kind of chucking, splashing, dunking, chasing, and near drowning going on.

Hopefully we can do this again someday!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hiking Adventure

Yesterday we decided that Saturday is a special day, it is the day that we hike 2 miles up into Adam's Canyon and see the 40 foot waterfall. See number 3.

The hike is described as medium difficulty, with shades of death at the front end and right before the waterfall. We thought that they were just kidding. The first Quarter of a mile was sttep switchbacks up into the canyon. Not so bad, unless you add the scorching 98 degree sun coupled with sand and no shade. The rattlesnakes were taunting us. The kids wanted to give up, but with much persuasion, which included bribery (shaved ices afterwards), the troops made it into the canyon and shade.

They were very happy for the trees. In fact, this above represented outpouring of affection, was completely spontaneous and unscripted. They were very grateful for the shade and the cool breeze that wafted down the canyon.

The middle section was actually pretty nice. Rolling trails and few obstacles. The closer we got to the waterfall, however, the steeper and more difficult the terrain became. C... got her first taste of Indiana Jones style hiking as we dangled over a rushing torrent. Ok, so we had to slide across some rocks while the creek gurgled past below. It was a fierce gurlge though.
SO, we made it to the top and the view, and refreshing mist, was well worth the effort.

Our little tempterature sensative child, C.., was "not quite so sure" about the cold mist coming from the waterfall, so The Boys and I decided to show her how fun mountain waterfalls could be.
Apparently it was more than she could bear to watch. One, should note that she has set herself up quite nicely with all of the snacks. She is actually snacking under her shirt. It protects her from the harmful rays of the sun, the chilly mist, and from having to see Dad without his shirt on.

All in all, the hike was a sucess! Victory achieved, slushies eaten, hearts warmed, tears shed, memories forever ingrained. And the view isn't half bad either!!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Well... Not so much Empirestate anymore, but still got that NY frame of mind

So, 2010 ended up being a year of massive changes. For those of you who don't know yet, We moved from NY to UT and have been setting up shop here. As seen above, N... turned 10 years old, which truly messes me up everytime I think about it. Yes, I have a freaking 10 year old child. Not OK.
Thigs are going really well in UT. The kids have made friends, and this is really the first time they have lived in and area where we didn't have to make "play dates." My kids can just go outside and find other kids who want to play too. Novel. NO phone calls, NO pre-existing arrangements, just play. It's a good thing.

C... also had a birthday and is 4 now. She is quite the fashionista and has recently gone from cute little girl hair to really cute little girl hair. Can you imagine the problems that I am going to have in 10 years. YIPES!

E.. is losing all of his teeth. He must be 6 years old. Enough said!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Time

I suppose that one should update more than once every six months, and I also suppose that this might be a good New Years Resolution, but instead I will suppose that you will all enjoy this current update and by leaving future updates to chance one will ensure a far more sporting and exciting future.

On to Christmas!

N... had a great School Christmas Party and as everyone can see, C... crashed it. Can you believe that she is driving already? She must have sneaked out of the house so that she could answer 3rd Grade history questions:
Teacher:"The 5th vice president of the United States?"
C...: "Who is George Clinton, mam. First Vice Pres for James Madison."
Teacher: "Who is that child?"
N... hiding behind C...: "She is smarter that a 5th Grader."
Enough education! Party!
Christmas was at Grandma and Grandpa's this year. After a one year hiatus where we thought that we would do Christmas on our own, we were back. Apparently slothing around watching college football is not Amy's idea of a fun Christmas. I know? What is up?

So Uncle 5 and his new found honey Aunty R were sharing the yuletide joy with us. So the joy is apparent as they have passed the last 7 month in the relative peace of a student life. Silent Church, silent meals, silent nights? Really, besides 5's constant Gangsta Rap tearing through his small apartment, the overall noise has been minimal. Not Christmas with the Greenway's. Can you say exuberance?
C... was the pink police! And yes those are pink leopard footsie pajamas! Everyone should have a pair.

If you were to ask me why the only picture that we took of N...was of him holding his pomegranate, I would say, "Don't you wish that you had such a big pomegranate?" Sputnik!
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Check back for fun and excitement in 2010! Best Wishes!